Get Verified, Get Clients

Build consumer confidence by getting verified, demonstrating your status in the industry

Neutral third party facilitator

Ensure fairness for both parties to review deliverables to ensure no disputes arise from lack of technical understanding from either side

Escrow and Smart Contract Services

Store code securely until all parties are satisfied with a Smart Contract agreement in place to with validators to ensure deliverables and milestones are well defined and approved.

Sign up & Create a Listing

Create a Listing on the platform and create your company profile.

Get Validated

A member of our team will be in touch to guide you through the onboarding process and get to a verified level to attract new clients. The level of verification depends on a number of factors such as number of clients, number of full time staff and client references. 

Once there is an established verification level, TECHT can start generating leads by matching your organisation with relevant clients.

Create Smart Contracts

Once you have been matched with a client, TECHT will create a Smart Contract with the deliverables approved by all parties with the timeline. All smart contracts contain text binding both parties to the dispute management framework.

Software Validation & Escrow

If a client has requested the software validation and escrow service, it will ensure the client understands aspects of the deliverable validated by an expert who has knowledge the client doesn’t. This can avoid unnecessary disputes due to lack of technical understanding of the deliverables.


Per Month


  • 6 month free live listing
  • Verification Level 1
  • Get Matched to potential clients


£35.99 Per Month

  • 12 month listing
  • Verification Level 2 and 3
  • Features in the Newsletter
  • Social media announcement


£69.99 Per Month

  • Verification Level 3 and 4
  • 12 month listing
  • Individual direct introduction to partners
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Partner Status