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TECHT Labs, a venture builder for web3 including resources, tools, community, recruitment, mentors & no code solutions

Venture Studio

TECHT Labs builds products with a focus to a decentralised economy across different industries and perspectives.
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Participate, exchange ideas, access resources, learnings and concepts on best practices and find co creators on blockchain, NFT and metaverse projects
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TECHT is on a mission to decentralise society through technology, political, commerce and community.
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TECHT believe the future is decentralised world built on the foundations of web3. TECHT is an enabler working to facilitate the web3 through a variety of different projects and tools including:

– Venture Studio for web3 ideas and concepts

– Curated tools and resources

– Hackathons and Community Building

– Mentorship programs

– Educational resources

– Recruitment Solutions

– Political, artistic and musical content enabling the movement

TECHT Ventures & Initiatives


Decentralised application made to link NFT to NFC tags to act as a proof of ownership / provenance of tokenised assets.

Using advanced encryption techniques storing metadata on IPFS.


CLYQ is a co creator matching platform for projects in web3. Swipe through profiles of builders and ideas.

Add your skills, set your filters for commitment levels and experience and find your ideal co founder from our curated community.

Astelios Ventures

TECHT Labs are a Product Advisor to Astelios Labs, helping to evaluate portfolio companies from a product perspective as well as developing a data driven matching platform to connect startups with relevant investors.


LOCIO was developed by TECHT Labs, an e-commerce platform showcasing local producers and their produce, selling direct to consumers.

Democracy Decentralised

TECHT Labs is working to disrupt the political spectrum by launching a political party that is completely governed by a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation).

Voters vote for policies based on merit rather than tribalism and agendas.


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