TECHT Verified Matching

Verified Matching Service

TECHT Verifies Development Houses and candidates based on several criteria including portfolio, references, ISO standards, credit rating and operational efficiency. Download the TECHT framework for Development House here.

TECHT can recommend a plug and play solution that includes in house recruitment complemented by partly outsourcing to a Development House, dedicated in house recruitment or complete project outsourcing.

Talent Identification

TECHT sources great developer talent from a wide array of sources. Word of mouth, networking and referrals are some of our methods as well as candidate vetting and technical screening from TECHT mentors.  

TECHT also runs hackathons, meetup and surveys interacting and building a community with great technical talent.



Top 3%

Every applicant to the TECHT developer network is rigorously tested and vetted. Our highly selective process leads to 98% trial to hire success rate. 

Our developers are based all over the world, available for different timezones and locations. Our team have worked in startups, scale ups, corporates worldwide having empathy for clients.

Candidate Management

We manage the candidates end to end from the introduction to when they sit down on the first day. Whether to looking to hire an in house candidate or hire a fully remote team, we can manage that process end to end.

This includes reference checks and technical tests set by technical TECHT mentors as part of the candidate vetting process.


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