Software Validation & Escrow

Software Validation

TECHT will validate code and software delivery alongside expert partners ‘techUK(’ who have been in industry for 30+ years. Software validation takes place that clients can be satisfied that the code delivered to them is an acceptable standard and is fit for purpose.

Software code and funds can be held in escrow until all parties are satisfied with the arrangement. 


Validation services include validation whether the code:

  • Is accessible
  • Is readable
  • Are virus-free
  • Is encrypted and associated encryption keys/passwords are correct
  • Licence compliance management analysis
  • Results of user acceptance testing
  • Code maintainability, sustainability, security and performance

Validation Levels

Silver source code validation includes Bronze validation, plus services to check the source code can be built into the software that the end-user needs. We’ll perform silver source code validation on the software owner’s premises. The report you receive will cover:

  • What applications and tools are required to build the software
  • How the files produced during the build compare to the software itself
  • The steps to follow in order to install a working version of the software
  • The test results of the software’s core functions
  • Analysis of how the software complies with its licence.

Gold source code validation includes Silver validation, plus services to replicate the build process as it would occur at the end user’s site. As part of gold source code validation, we can create and retain a copy of the environment used to build and install the application.

The report you receive will cover:

  • Key differences between building the software in an independent environment and at the software user’s premises
  • The exact process required to install a working version of the software at the user’s premises
  • The results of user acceptance testing
  • Source code analysis to check maintainability, performance and security.

Platinum source code validation includes Gold validation, plus very thorough analysis of the source code placed in escrow.
The report you receive will cover:

  • Licence compliance management analysis. This determines if code from other sources has been used and, if so, validates its ownership and usage
  • Code quality management analysis. This checks the code’s quality against our coding standards databases
  • Code maintainability, sustainability, security and performance. A thorough analysis of these areas.

If you are interested in finding out more about our validation software testing services then please contact us with details of your enquiry and you will be contacted shortly to discuss.

Escrow Services

  • Watertight legal protection Our software escrow contracts are straightforward, fair for both sides and easy-to-understand – without compromising on the ‘legal aspects’.
  • Total flexibility We have a wide range of contracts to suit the business arrangement between software owner and users plus a flexible terms contract that allows you to pick and choose the terms to create a more specific and encompassing escrow agreement. Alternatively, we can work with you to write a completely customised and bespoke escrow smart contract.
  • Secure funds in escrow confirming user KYC / AML as part of anautomated process
  • Simple, streamlined service We have created a simple path through the legal aspects of escrow. Set up times are fast and admin minimal.
  • Leading security We take industry-leading precautions to protect your source code. We store all source code in a secure underground vault where optimum conditions are maintained at all times, strict access control is in place and fire suppression technology is installed.


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